Originated from the cultural precipitation of Italy in the


From Australia high-quality pasture which more than

70,000 acres

Located in Piazza Duomo, the cultural center of Italy

Research and development center


New fabric

Watching this video with fashion fabric specialist



“Every designer is an artist.”

Brand origin

In Duomo Square of Milan, Italy, locating Filarte’s Global Technology R&D Center. In 1960s, the DINO FILARTE originated here. What DINO FILARTE achieves is a kind of cultural precipitation.,it is a fabric brand that integrates global resources and cutting-edge technology. It embodies people’s pursuit of dress change for nearly half a century.

Brand Advantages

We never discuss quality issues because it is not a problem at all for FILARTE.”

“FILARTE has not been a pure fabric since its inception. It is interpretation of Italian emotions, culture, and habits for nearly half a century. The FILARTE brand has been selling well in Europe for 40 years. In addition to the infiltration of Apennine culture, it also Communicate and talk with humanity.”

Australian Ranch

Biggam, Worongah, King Island, Tara—-ancient Australian pastures. Filarte takes care of the balance of nature, combining scientific grazing with a unique environment. The concept of natural, ecological and environmental protection perfectly interprets the brand connotation of classics and fashion, traditional and modern.